Sunday 5 April 2020

Sunday 5th April 2020

Mornin' all.

Prolly won't be very chatty today, what with it being my twins' due date and all that jazz.

I've taken the puppy out for her daily stroll and she was a really good girl.  We did the rubbish and recycling without either of us getting into a flap about it and Steve measured out the puppy's food and gave her the first meal of the day too❗  Thank you Steve❗

I've taken 10 photo's of the puppy and put them on my site now - 6 of 'em on Steve's thighs and the other 4 of her laying in the hall.

We're having a Mugshot each and cake for our lunch today.  Easy and simple, but it means putting my laptop on the floor, so I'll do that now... BBS❗

Back now.  I had the sweet and sour noodles Mugshot and it was yummy❗  The cakes were good too... it's not often that we have quick meals like that now, so an occasional one is totally fine by me❗

I've been coping OK-ish with the day so far... it's been far from easy, but keeping busy and my mind active seems to be working so far.  I've done 4,548 steps so far today, according to my Fitbit so I'm hoping that I'll manage 5,000 steps before I head to bed tonight and hopefully 7,500 steps tomorrow, what with it being 'Marathon Monday' and it's only once a week, so that's OK 👌

I've taken a few more photo's of the puppy and the screens just grown darker, so it's almost pill time now.  I'll code and upload the photo's then take my pills and might actually get around to having a much-needed early night too tonight❗

I've actually coped better than I was expecting with today... maybe I just need to keep busy during each of the difficult days (29th September, 6th October and 5th April)❓  I will miss my twins for the rest of my life, I realise that, and the big dates are always gonna be full of the "what if...❓" questions, but as each year passes, it seems to be easier to cope with than the previous year.  They will always be in my heart 💗 and I will never stop loving them 💕 and my heart will break 💔 on each of the personal and public dates without them but I know I will see them both again in Summerland when it's time for me to be re-united with them again.

Just started yawning, so I'm gonna head to beddy-byes now... nite nite orl❗  Sea ewe in the morning 💤

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