Tuesday 7 April 2020

Tuesday 7th April 2020

Morning all.

I'm running at least an hour late this morning for some reason that I don't understand.  I took the puppy for her stroll at 8.30am 🕣 instead of 7.30am 🕢 Fed her an hour later 🕤 and took my pills half an hour after that 🕙 and I haven't got a clue where that hour went 'cos I woke up at my usual kinda time, so where did those two hours disappear to first thing❓❓

I've semi-sorted the website stuff now... still need to find almost £70 in the next couple of weeks though❗

Taken my pills and because it's Tuesday I don't need to take the FA so I took the Calcium too, so that's it until this evening now.

I've put the Fitbit email report up on my site now, so that's sorted for another week and I can concentrate on writing some short stories ready for sending them off for hopeful publication in an anthology... keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 for me pretty please❓❗

That's one written and sent off.  This next one is gonna be a teen fantasy short story at about 1,500 - 2,000 words.

Two manuscripts written today ain't bad... the virus scan starts tomorrow so I won't have my emails to distract me 🤣  Gonna write until the virus scan has finished then finish off the manuscript I'm writing, email it in to the competition address then do my back-ups so that I've got a full manuscript backed up instead of an unfinished at the time one 🤣  I'm thinking it'll be a longer one first thing so that I can concentrate on it all morning without worrying about anything, then back everything up and send the entry after that.  I'm pondering on putting my current WIPs into One Drive so that I can keep writing them if there's an update that takes 2 weeks instead of an hour to do again.

I'm about to head to bed... nite nite orl❗

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