Thursday 16 April 2020

Thursday 16th April 2020

Had a late start to this morning... didn't even wake up until the time I usually take the puppy dog out for our stroll❗  She's been walked and fed now though, and I've taken all my pills until this evening now.  Gonna start editing until lunch time then take it from there.  I've taken a couple of the photo's of the puppy that I'm gonna put up on my site first though.

Up to chapter 4 with the editing and I'm glad I phoned up the pharmacy about my repeat prescription 'cos the FA was prescribed on 3rd April but had slipped through the cracks, so that'll be with me tomorrow and the AP's will be with me on Monday 'cos they have to order it in.  I've got a couple of weeks of both of them, so it's not a big deal that they've been delayed, but I'm glad I phoned up to check... thank you for prodding me Green Man and Gaia❗

We're having vegan pasta bolognaise for lunch... haven't had it in a while so it'll make a change❗

I'm gonna put my laptop on the floor now, so that it's not done in a rush if Steve forgets to give me a ten minute warning.


That was a yummy lunch❗  Our bellies (both the internal organ and the bit you can see) are definitely shrinking 'cos neither of our bellies are hanging over our waistbands any more and our portion sizes are shrinking too - especially with rice and pasta.

It's taken several months but take-aways are treats again and we're having home-cooked meals every day again.

Time to carry on with my editing now.

Steve's sent me a couple of photo's of the sleepy puppy so I'll get those added to my site then carry on with my editing.  Haven't done too badly at all today after I finally got myself motivated to make a start on it.

That's the photo's up, so time to carry on with the editing now until my pills start kicking in and I head to bed.

That's the editing finished for the day, so I'm gonna read my email then head to bed I reckon.

Nite nite orl❗

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