Saturday 31 December 2022

At last!

I've just, officially, finished clearing up the floor and filled a second black bag full of rubbish.  Literally all that is left is one more table, a footstool and paperwork.  I found 3 forks, a knife, 2 spoons and a plate with food that was so old it was literally welded to the plate.  I also found mince pies that had a use by date of January this year, so they've been on the floor for a year too.

I'm gonna spend the next little while recovering but I officially cross one thing off my to-do list and not have to add it again tomorrow now.  I'm not gonna do anything else today other than sit on the sofa and make myself drinks, while I recover.

I think it calls for an early morning, celebratory, J2O that I've finally been able to get it finished.  I'm sooo proud of myself now!

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