Sunday 18 December 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing?

I've had a pretty productive morning so far 'cos I've taken my morning pills (gotta remember to refill the dosette box at lunchtime), run the daily virus scan which was still clear and significantly tidied up Steve's two tables.  I'm gonna phone the water and electricity bods on Monday to get the accounts moved over to me instead of Steve, so it's less for him to worry about.  I already pay the electricity so that should be a pretty simple change of just the name and account number, so all Steve's gotta worry about then is his credit cards and the mortgage.

I pay for the house insurance and groceries and I can just about afford to pay the water too, but there won't be any more defaults on Steve's credit score then.

I've got a coffee on the go, then I'll do the washing up (found a plate, 4 mugs and 2 glasses while I was tidying up), take the rubbish and recycling out, then recover before I go and see Steve this afternoon.

Feeling pretty proud of myself right now and it's not even 7.30am yet!

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