Friday 23 December 2022

One less thing to worry about now

I've just remembered to set up the auto top-ups on my mobile again, so that'll hopefully start in January, assuming I've done everything right.

Marie is going to pick me up to hopefully get a caring package in place for me after I sent her my benefit renewal form last night, which'll be another thing off my mind, then I just need to get the bathroom sorted and work out how I'm gonna afford all the extra bills now.

Writing is gonna be a huuuuuuge reason to keep going now and I'll be able to write whenever I want to rather than working around everyone else now.  I'll be leaning heavily on my friends for a while and if they need support, they will just have to find another source for a while 'cos that's gonna be the last thing I need on top of everything else.

I'm not gonna do JanNo this year... I'll write the novel some other time next year, but sorting out the funeral and making sure I've got a roof over my head, electricity and water is more vital to my survival.

I don't know how I'll cope without Steve now.

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