Monday 19 December 2022

Mornin' all

Another start that's waay too early again, but I managed to get 8 hours and 1 minute of sleep and I do feel considerably better now.  I've lost exactly 2kg in the last 7 days though, which means I'm now underweight, so every meal is gonna have to be bread/toast and spread so that I can get my weight back up this week.  The first few days were almost calorie free through worry, but I've been living alone for 7 days now and managed to cope with two household emergencies, I've taken all my pills at the right time and I'm feeling slightly more confident now, so hopefully a week of purely high calorie foods will take my weight up to where I want it to be again in a week's time.

I've decided against doing JanNo 'cos my creativity has totally deserted me and my husband is more important than writing, so when he's home, I'll do it then, but I'll be missing JanNo23 for my own sanity.


I've got someone coming over for Steve's milk at lunchtime today, so it'll be an early lunch too.  Gotta sort out the electricity and water and household appliances rental today too, so it's gonna be all go for me!

I'm gonna take my morning pills, go and make myself my first hot drink of the day now, then make myself a couple of slices of toast for my first meal of the day.  I've gotta remember to bring the rubbish and recycling containers in when they're collected too.  Other than the paper and cardboard and food waste, there's very little out there today!

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