Wednesday 28 December 2022



Not only did today go considerably better than I was dreading but I actually feel useful now.

I've gotta phone up about cancelling the TV, downgrading our internet connection and changing it all into my name instead of Steve's.

Marie has already cancelled the TV license, so I've gotta work out which remote is for the TV and turn it off at the wall then contact someone about taking it all away.  I'm sort of 97% sure that the TV is mine to keep 'cos we had it for so long before Steve cancelled the account but I just wanna be 100% sure is all.

The internet and phone line are now in my name and I've got it down from £150 a month to £37, just by cancelling the TV, downgrading the internet and changing the phone package so I'm feeling considerably better and more useful than I did an hour ago and it's done me the world of good to be able to do it so easily.

I think that calls for another celebratory J2O!  I've definitely earnt it today!

And a drinking chocolate too... I've consumed over 3,000 calories today, according to my FitBit, so if I carry on like that I'll hopefully have put some weight on by the time I weigh myself again.

Today has definitely been a very good day for me and I feel like I've actually given and helped rather than just taking from my in-laws now.


Its taken a reboot to get my connection back but I did that alone too.  I'm absolutely cream-crackered so I'm gonna have a well-deserved early night tonight then wake up tomorrow and make a start on the rubbish in front of the telly so that I can switch it off at the wall so that I'm not tempted to use it without a license.  


I haven't put any rubbish or recycling out for the last two weeks and I've missed my chats with the waste collectors - just a couple of minutes and a few sentences really set me up for the day on a Monday and I've missed the last two weeks 'cos there has been so little to go out but there will definitely be rubbish next week 'cos I wanna be able to get to the plug to turn the telly off.

What shall I have for my tea tomorrow?  I've got 3 days worth of vegan lunches to have as well as today's groceries, 5 bananas and three of last weeks four packs of yoghurts, so I won't go hungry lol  I'm thinking I'll have toast, 2 bananas and 2 yoghurts for breakfast, then the other half of the vegan concoction my MIL made for me on Christmas Day, then I'll see how I feel later on and if I wanna have another 2 yoghurts or not.

I've just had the reminder come up for my evening pills and this blog post is already too long, so I'm gonna publish it, take my pills and head to bed I reckon.

I'm not planning on getting up before the birds tomorrow, which means I've just jinxed it and I'll be up at 3am again now lol

I've gotta take photos of Steve's sausages and put them on Olio tomorrow too... I think that's the last of Steve's food gone then, after his pizzas went this morning.  I wanna have a day off and totally relax though - I think I deserve it after the last 3 weeks!

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