Monday 26 December 2022

Mornin' all

I'm feeling a lot more with it this morning 'cos I didn't wake up until 5am and according to my FitBit, I managed to sleep for 8 hours and 6 minutes so hopefully I'm back on track with my sleeping now.  This time of year is always weird 'cos there's so much to do, but I'm home alone until Wednesday now so hopefully I'll be able to get in another 8 hours tonight and tomorrow night too.

I've taken my morning pills, weighed myself (I've lost another 150g so I'll be having toast for breakfast every day this week so that I can rapidly increase my weight to a better number) and had breakfast.  I've got someone coming to pick up Steve's pizzas today - they were really popular overnight 'cos 6 people wanted them lol  His soups are still waiting to be requested, then I can start on the pickles and mustards and stuff.  I'm gonna leave the pasta sauces for a while so that they are there for me when I feel brave, but I'm not gonna let them go to waste - if it's getting close to their date then I'll put them on Olio too.  I'm just taking it incredibly slowly and carefully so that I can gradually build up confidence again.

I'm just glad that Freegle and Olio are available 'cos I can't afford to waste money now.

I'm not gonna put the rubbish or recycling out this week... there's no point just for such a small amount.

Just started my daily virus scan that I'd totally forgotten about doing until I started adding the labels to this blog post and spotted it lol

Time to put my breakfast photo up now I reckon.


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