Thursday 29 December 2022

Slowly does it

I've started clearing up Steve's rubbish under his first and I can now see the floor for the first time in at least a year 'cos I found last years very furry and smelly and leaking and all around gross mince pies so they went straight into the bin which is already half full.  I've untangled the previous internet cable and discovered Steve's previous Kindle that he lost as well as a really small music player so I've rescued those and put them in the hall so that they don't accidentally get thrown out.  Literally the only thing left on that table now is the remote controls, so I'm gonna spend a little while recovering then move them into the box that I've claimed for the small things, then collapse the table so that I can get behind it and claim a 50% victory.

I'm feeling pretty proud of what I've achieved in the last hour, so I'm gonna reward myself with another glass of water so that I can recover so that I don't end up on the floor.  Dare I say it, but like with the spare room I started to enjoy it after I'd motivated myself to start.  It's gonna take a good few more hours but after I've had my lunch and recovered, I'll start on the rest of it.

My aim for this afternoon is to get enough cleared to collapse up the first table and get the rubbish behind it sorted out and binned.  I'm not even gonna think any farther ahead than that... little steps that are achievable are more motivating for me.  I'll have to ask Marie to take this bag to the tip though, 'cos we're only allowed one rubbish bag in our sack each week otherwise it isn't emptied and it's already ¾ full so there won't be enough room left for the rest of Steve's rubbish, let alone the usual stuff.

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