Saturday 31 December 2022

I know it's only Saturday evening but...

...I feel like I've achieved so much in the last 6 days and having my to-do lists here on my blog have really helped me sooo much.  They've helped me to organise myself and cope with everything that I need to do which has helped me to cope with being a young widow and my neurological disability as well as my huge memory problems.

Tomorrow to Tuesday are gonna be weird 'cos I'll be with at least one other person for at least part of the day so I prolly won't achieve much before Wednesday, but that's OK 'cos I've only got one big thing to do now and that is sorting out all of Steve's prescribed stuff, so I'll do that on Wednesday and just veg out and recover as much as possible until then.  I wanna put Steve's crisps onto Olio and put my biccies into the biscuit tin that I can now use and just generally sorting out the mess in the kitchen next.  The biggest job is pretty much done now, so I'm just gonna do little bits whenever I feel up to it now.  I'm not gonna push myself until my body has recovered from what I've been putting it through for the last nearly 4 weeks, so I'm gonna be treating my body a lot better until I've started to feel like I'm ready to tackle the next major job in the kitchen.  Little and often is gonna be the way to tackle the kitchen I reckon.  There aren't major tasks to do like there was in here, so I'll just do a counter or cupboard or whatever each day and take things a lot slower in there so that I don't totally screw myself up.

Andrew has asked for Steve's record collection which I've found along with waaay too many CDs that he might want along with an ancient hi-fi with a double audio cassette deck that he might want too, which would clear up more room for tidying up in the spare room... that will be my next major job so I'm gonna tackle the kitchen and bathroom first so that the downstairs is in decent shape before I attempt either of the bedrooms.

Next year will be my first full year as a young widow and it'll be a year with lots of firsts, but hopefully I'll have a decent support network in place soon so I'll be able to lean on them while all my friends continue to lean on me, even while I'm grieving such a major loss.

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