Monday 19 December 2022



The rubbish and recycling has been and gone, so that's it now until lunchtime when I go and make myself another couple of slices of toast for lunch.

I've officially got through an entire week (and 2 hours lol) alone and I'm so proud of how well I've coped during those 7 days.  I honestly didn't think I'd be able to do it on Monday and Tuesday, especially with the couple of household problems, but I've got through it with the help of Steve's family and the awesome paramedic looking after me until Marie got there a week ago.  I was petrified this time a week ago, but I'm a lot more able to cope with whatever comes my way now.  I'm still scared, but it's not overwhelming scaredness now like it was a week ago.


Have I already said in a previous blog post that the daily virus scan was still clear?  If I did, then I apologise for repeating myself, but my memory only lasts for about 30 seconds then that's it lost pretty much forever.

Gonna sort out the news now, then sort out the FitBit page on my homepage ready for next year now that I'm not writing in January.

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