Monday 26 December 2022

To-do list for tomorrow (27th December 2022)

I'm absolutely shattered after so many nights of under 6 hours of sleep in the last 3 weeks, so I'm sorting out my to-do list ready for tomorrow then taking my pills and heading to bed for a veeery early night.

  • Wake up
  • Take my morning pills
  • Have breakfast
  • Bring in the first delivery
  • Bring in the second delivery
  • Give away Steve's pizzas to the Olio-er
  • Give away Steve's soups to the Olio-er
  • Have lunch
  • Take my afternoon pill
  • Tidy up a bit more in the kitchen
  • Count up the pads
  • Take photo of the pads
  • Advertise the pads on Freegle
  • Sort out Steve's diabetic sweets
  • Take a photo of the sweets
  • Put together an Olio advert for the sweets
  • Put all of Steve's dressings together
  • Get ready for Wednesday
  • Take my last pills of the day
  • Head to bed

A long list, but I'll hopefully be able to achieve it all so that I can have a clear head on Wednesday.

I hope I wake up nice and early on Wednesday so that I've got time to do the backups before Marie comes over to pick me up after the groceries have been delivered and put away.  Gotta remember not to open my email programmes on Wednesday too otherwise the virus scan will take literally all day and night to finish scanning, which won't put me in a good mood.

I'd love to read a Kindle book or study tomorrow too but they are just additional things that it'd be nice to do if I can... it all depends on how I get on with the rest of my to-do list though lol

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