Saturday 31 December 2022

Mornin' all

I've had a pretty productive morning so far 'cos I've had a bath, got dressed, started the daily virus scan, taken my morning pills, promised Steve's table to someone on Freegle, put some washing up away, made and eaten my breakfast, took the bowl back through to the kitchen and now I'm charging up my FitBit.

Today is gonna be my last alone day until Wednesday 'cos I'm going over to my in-laws for Sunday lunch tomorrow, Monday I'm going back over there for more preparations for the funeral, Tuesday is bins, groceries and the first visit by my new social worker then Wednesday I can hopefully recover.

The virus scan has finished and I'm reassuringly still free from nasties, which is reassuring.

Not sure what to have for lunch today... I might bite the bullet and attempt to cook another pizza, but I'll totally ignore the cooking instructions this time and put it in at 200 (or was it 220?) for 20 minutes like Steve told me to do while he was in hospital lol

Time to start my to-do list for today, then put my breakfast photo up before I make myself a drink.  I'm thinking that I'll have my second caffeinated coffee of the week and hope that my bladder has recovered by the time I'm picked up tomorrow lol

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