Saturday 17 December 2022



I've just had a lavendar scented bubble bath and got changed, so I'm a coping considerably better now than I was an hour ago.  The floor is also dry now, after this morning's mini household disaster, so I've plugged the air lock heater back in and turned it on so hopefully that'll help too.  The kitchen floor was incredibly dirty though and you can easily see where the water and mop went to cos there are lines on the floor where I mopped up the water this morning lol  The bathroom door is open, right next to the heater so the dampness in there will hopefully dry out soon too.

The only way that things can get worse is for there to be a fire now (pleaase don't let that happen Gaia... that really would be the final straw now!).

I'm going to see Steve tomorrow, but the last 6 days have made me realise not only how little he actually did to support me as my carer, but also how well I've coped alone too.  There have been 2 issues in the house that I've dealt with alone and I've had a shower and a bath since he's been in there, which is usually more than I manage in 3 months (my last bath or shower was back in October when I got my Covid booster and we're now in December and I've washed myself (and my hair once) and got changed twice in the last 6 days, so I'm feeling pretty proud of that).

I love Steve as my husband and always will, but the last 6 days have shown that he is definitely not my carer for 35 hours a week.  His sister has done more to support me in the last 6 days than he usually achieves in a month.  We're hopefully gonna be referred for a carer for both of us though, so that'll take the stress out of our relationship and we can go back to being husband and wife rather than carer for each other.

I'm chargine up my FitBit that I forgot to put back around my ankle after I got out of the bath and my phone reminded me that I needed to charge it up so that it didn't go dolally tomorrow and start the stress for me all over again.  I wanna remain relaxed for as long as possible this time after the week I've had so far!

I need to remember to put another layer of clothing on under this top when I go up to bed tonight 'cos the neckline is waaay too low for me to be comfortable going outside - I'm still clothed, obviously, but the neckline shows the top of my cleavage which I've never been comfortable with, so I'll be wearing 3 layers as of tomorrow and hopefully won't be quite so cold.

This blog post is getting waaay too long, so I'm gonna publish it now I reckon then finish off the 2 litre bottle of pop I started for my breakfast this morning, before I remembered that I had the soup to have for my lunch.  I've usually drained the bottle within a couple of hours, so making it last all day is pretty impressive for me!

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