Saturday 24 December 2022

Last update to the to-do list

  • Put my lunch photo on here
  • Put my lunch photo on Instagram
  • Belch and groan
  • Take my lunchtime pill
  • Give away Steve's cheese to someone on Olio
  • Sort out more of Steve's things
  • Get ready for tomorrow
  • Take my last two pills
  • Go to bed

There are 7 bottles of wine and I think it was 6 bottles of beer in the cupboard under the sink, so I'm gonna gradually get rid of those on Olio 'cos I can't have alcohol 'cos of my prescriptions.  I'm gonna aim to totally sort out one section of the kitchen and eventually the whole house every couple of days 'cos there is too much stuff that isn't touched that it's pointless keeping it.

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