Thursday 19 January 2023

Morning all

I'm feeling considerably better, physically at least, after 9 hours and 12 minutes of sleep.

I've decided to ask the enabler to have someone come in a couple of times a week to help me to tidy up each room in the house, rather than getting a company in to bin everything I want to keep. I've made a start, but like with the washing and dressing I need motivation to get started rather than someone just binning absolutely everything without even asking.  I will do it, but it needs to be little and often so that I don't collapse in a heap.  I can do it, 'cos I did it in here, but I need to be able to recover between tidying sessions is all.

I know Steve's brother wants some of his stuff and I've already agreed to him having it along with his mum and sister's agreement, so I wanna make sure he gets that instead of it being binned too.

It'll take a while, but it will get done and stay tidy this time.

I've taken my morning pills and had my breakfast, so I'm gonna put up today's to-do list now, then put the photo up and relax until my first carer of the day arrives.


The virus scan was still, reassuringly, clear so that's a relief and means that I'm still safe from nasties infecting me.


My FitBit is gonna need to be charged up at some point today and I've gotta remember to turn the emersion heater off today too, so I'm gonna add that to the to-do list before I forget!

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