Thursday 6 February 2020

Book Review: "The Poop Diaries" by Abby Ross

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

First thought, just by the title of this book, don't read it around the time you eat... I've had soup for lunch 2 hours ago so hopefully I'll be OK, bear it in mind though 😉

About half way through the second chapter so far, and nothing has made me want to lose my lunch yet... it's gross in parts, but not too bad.  Easy to read while you're waiting for your tea to cook or in bed at night or whatever.

Oh boy, after a gentle start, the grossness has started on page 78!

Yep, the grossness hasn't eased off yet so make sure you've got a strong stomach before you read this... it's a good book, just very very gross in parts - take heed of the title 'cos there are a lot of detailed descriptions on that type of plumbing!

Keep reading through the gross bits in the middle 'cos it ends as innocently (is that the right word❓❓) as it starts... the grossest bits are definitely in the middle but you can safely read the first and last few chapters without losing your lunch.

Such an interesting, humourous and at times maddening on the plumbers behalf because of the way their clients treated them, but well worth a read!

Thank you for opening my eyes to the plumbers difficulties out there, Abby Ross... I hope everyone who comes into contact with tradespeople after reading this book treat them with more respect and gratitude than some of the plumbers you interviewed in this book!

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