Monday 10 February 2020

Monday 10th February 2020

Morning again all.

The Fitbit says that I was asleep for 8 hours and 48 minutes, which is 3½ hours less than yesterday but I'm feeling a lot more awake and ready for the day than I was yesterday for some reason.

It's nice and light out there, so I'm gonna take the puppy for her stroll now, then take me morning pills then sort out the Fitbit spreadsheet to put on my homepage.


OK, we're back now and the puppy has been fed and watered so it's time for me morning pills then I'll sort out the Fitbit spreadsheet.

Pills taken now... all of 'em went down really easily this morning, thankfully, so that's it now until lunchtime.  Time to password protect the spreadsheet, code and upload it to my site now.

The Fitbit page is sorted and I've added 5 photo's to my index page too.  You can see the ugly me in all five of 'em.  Wanna try and remember to smile in future photo's and not put myself down as much too.  I'm not pretty but I'm not ugly either, so I need to reprogramme what I've always been told since childhood.

Another 10 photo's added after our second stroll of the day... we are both wet and soggy but Steve's put the heater on to dry us both off.

That's my last two pills of the day taken now and the groceries had been and gone by 6.05pm too❕  Just gotta finish off my mug of tea then I can have a wonderful early night again.

Steve said he hadn't heard from Helen by the time Marie came to the door to help him put the groceries away so he's thinking that she won't be coming tonight for Mitzi, which is totally cool and groovy, I'll just keep her harness on when we get back from her morning walk tomorrow.  Steve's prescriptions are being delivered tomorrow and I've gotta have a bath ready for my own medical appointment on Wednesday so it's gonna be all go tomorrow❕

I'm off to beddy-byes now... adding those last few photo's was worth the exhaustion and I'm hoping to be asleep by 🕣 8.30pm... keep yer fingers crossed 🤞 for it to happen.

What do you think to the blue text I've been using today... is it easier or harder to read than the black❔  Lemme know in the comments❔  Please❔

See you all in the morning... nite nite orl❕ 


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