Sunday 2 February 2020

Sunday 2nd February 2020

Mornin' all.

Taken the puppy for her stroll, fed her and taken my morning pills so I'm all set until lunchtime now.  We're seeing Steve's family again today, that's three times in seven days which is the same as I've seen my family since January 2010 - hardly fair, is it?

Gonna shut down now, but I'll be back at some point today.

Back now. 

Ended up spending 5 hours with them which was the same amount of time that I spent with my mum in 2 of the visits in 2010 plus the other 3 hours on Monday and Wednesday is the same as I spent with my mum in January so, as predicted, Steve's spent the same amount of time with his family in 7 days as I've spent with my mum in the last decade.  Not happy about that at all, and it'll be the same next week too 'cos of the shopping on Monday is an hour, his medical appointment on Wednesday will be at least two hours and we're going over to get our hairs cut on Thursday too, so that'll be at least another couple of hours, minimum.  The week after that will be another hour on the Monday, medical appointments on Wednesday for both of us as well, so that's another three hours so in 17 days we'll have spent near enough triple the amount of time with Steve's family as we have with my mum in just over a decade.  Hardly fair, is it❓

Running the battery down on my laptop atm.  Trying to catch up on everything I've missed today too lol

Gonna take my last pills of the day and head to bed now.  Still got an hour and 47 minutes worth of battery life left so I'll keep running it down until I head to bed then shut down I reckon.

That's the last pills of the day taken, so I'm gonna catch up on Facebook now, for the first time today.

Battery is down to 19% now, so gonna post this then wait until it finally dies on me.

TTY all at some point tomorrow❗

Nite nite orl❗

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