Wednesday 12 February 2020

Wednesday 12th February 2020

Mornin' again all

How are you liking me changing the colours of the text in this and the last couple of blog posts❔  Which is your most preferred one so far❔ Do you prefer dark text like this and Monday or light text like I used yesterday❔

The virus scan has started and I opened up my two email programmes so it's gonna take forever to finish today, but that's OK, 'cos I've got a medical appointment at lunchtime so hopefully it'll be finished by the time I get back from that then I can do the backups.

Taken my first pills of the day - they were a nightmare to get down again this morning 😞 They are swallowed now though, so that's it until I get back from the medical appointment.

Still missing the puppy dog, but it's in her best interests for her health and it's only a couple of days a week, we have her the majority of the week so that's all we want.

Steve's just said about getting a bird table for the back yard now that it's clear... sounds like a good idea to me, as long as it isn't too tall for me to reach in and replace the seeds❕  Can't see Steve doing it and it'd have to be up against the wall so that the puppy didn't knock it over too... might as well make use of our back yard now that it's totally clear❕

Just got back from the nurse and my blood pressure is fine and dandy, the blood was taken and they are gonna let me know if anything else needs to happen and I've lost 5kg (10lbs) since October, which is awesome and means that I only need to lose another 3kg to get to my ideal weight now, which is fantastic❕  It's taken the best part of 17 years (not a typo) but I'm within touching distance now... I reckon that calls for a celebration❕



Gonna have me soup then take her out for her walk... she's only missed one walk this week (this morning) which is three better than last week and she's only been out of the house for about 18 hours this week instead of two days that she's normally with Helen.  She's already asleep under Steve's leg, bless 'er.

Got a couple of photo's of her now, so I'll put those up, finish the soup and then take her out for her fifth walk of the week.  Assuming she's home for the rest of the week, like normal, she'll have 13 walks instead of her normal 10 and I'll have 6 or possibly 7 days of exercise in the Fitbit app too, depending on if this afternoon's walk lasts 10 minutes or not... if it does, it'll be 7 days of exercise and however many active minutes, otherwise it'll be 6 days exercise and active minutes.

Just gotta wait for the backups to finish then I'll put it away and that'll be it then, I can take the puppy out for her stroll.  It's currently at 99% so it should be finished any minute now.

Backups have finished and I've walked the puppy.  Half the distance of yesterday's which is double our afternoon walk or ⅔ of the morning walk, so it's pretty much on target considering she's only here for half of today.  It's not showing up in the Fitbit app yet, so I'm gonna reboot my laptop and hope it'll be there then.  No great shakes if it's not though  😃


Didn't need to reboot after all, just needed to shut down the app for a couple of minutes 'cos it's showing 11 active minutes for the puppy's walk and 3 days of exercise, so it'll be 7 days exercise and recorded minutes this week, which is awesome, and I know now that I need to walk the puppy 10 lengths for it to start showing up, so it's obviously a length a minute which is cool and groovy and I understand why it doesn't show up afternoon strolls now 'cos we only do 5 lengths on Tuesday to Sunday.  That's OK though, as long as it records our morning strolls then that's all I want 'cos the afternoon strolls are just an added bonus.

Gonna sort out the photo's now, before I forget.

OK, the photo's are up and I've just taken a survey... the puppy is asleep under Steve's leg again, bless 'er.

Taken and uploaded an extra 5 photo's and my evening pills are kicking in so I'm off to bed now.  Nite nite orl 💤


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