Monday 3 February 2020

Monday 3rd February 2020

Mornin' all.

Was awake and down here before 3am today.  At least I've done some research into going to see my mum by train though... it's expensive at £75 return and involves a change at Didcot Parkway which is gonna send my anxiety through the roof, but my mum is worth it and I refuse to not see her any more.  We'll have to stay at the railway station which is far from ideal, but she's worth it and it's more affordable to get the train over every few months than saving up for a car, paying tax and insurance and petrol and all that other jazz.  2020 will be the year that I see her again.

Currently charging up my Fitbit so that it keeps working for the rest of the day and I'm gonna be wiped out by the time the shopping's been and gone 'cos I got less than 6 hours sleep overnight but hey-ho, too late to worry about it now.

That's the Fitbit charged up and the weekly spreadsheet added to the Fitbit page, drunk me mug of cafetierre coffee so I'm all set for the day now.

Just got back from our Monday Marathon stroll and she walked me an extra length this morning, started on a second extra extra length, but there's no way I could have safely done it, so we came home instead.  Not going to be able to move for the rest of the day now... even going to the bathroom and back is gonna be a struggle for the next couple of hours, at least, so it's a good job I went before putting the puppy's harness on and leaving the house to start it... even my hands are aching and struggling to move❗

That has to be it until at least lunchtime... no moving my legs until I go and get my lunch then take the puppy out for our second stroll of the day.

I'm absolutely cream-crackered after such an early start this morning❗  I've already done an extra 1045 steps over my daily entire target and it's not even 10am yet❗

I'm wide awake (because of the cafetierre coffee) but dead on my feet after this mornings marathon and ache all over, so I'm not going to move off the sofa for the rest of the morning now... hope the caffeine doesn't affect my bladder too badly 'cos it's just not safe enough for me to hobble anywhere until at least my legs have recovered.

That's the puppy walked for the second time, fed (both the dog and her humans) and I've taken 3 video's and 3 photo's of her that are on my homepage and added it to the Fitbit app.  That's it now until the shopping's been this evening, then I'm gonna have an early night and hope that I get considerably more sleep tonight than I did last night 🤣

I'm absolutely cream crackered, so I'm off to bed now... nite nite orl❗

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