Saturday 8 February 2020

Saturday 8th February 2020

Mornin' again all.

I took the puppy out for an early stroll this morning then came back and fed her then she fell asleep.  I'm wondering if she's got a bit of hearing loss 'cos she doesn't always seem to hear me when I ask her to "sit" and "wait" for her breakfast, but knew the hand signal I gave her for her breakfast straight away, even though I didn't say a word... is that hearing loss or Westitude❓

That's the shopping sorted and I've taken a few photo's of the puppy dog that haven't been sent from my phone yet for some reason.  As soon as they are sent I'll get them on my site.

OK, they're sent.  Need to turn off my phone then turn it back on if it happens again... you watch me forget though❗  🤣

Spaghetti and meatless balls for lunch today.  Yummier than I remembered and 66% of us are fast asleep right now 🤣  I've taken the puppy for both her walks and she's had two of her three meals so we're all sorted until bedtime now.

Absolutely exhaustapayted now so I'm hoping I'll be able to have an early night tonight.

Tofu, right... how do you prepare it and what do you eat with it please❓

Steve says it absorbs the flavour of whatever it's cooked with, but do you need to cook it in the sauce (or whatever) right from the start or do you need to cook it separately, then add it to the sauce for the last few minutes please❓  Other than in curries and with pasta and sauce, what else do you eat it with please❓

Now that we are eating mainly home-cooked meals instead of take-aways every day, I wanna see what else is available for semi-vegans that Steve would enjoy too.  We use Quorn stuff in most meals, I just wanna try new things... especially now that we've apparently got through most of our big freezer 🤣

I've spotted a couple of vegan steaks at Sainsbury's that I fancy trying at some point but "a bit too vegetarian for me... I'd need proper meaty steaks when you have those, sorry".  That's fine by me... maybe we could have them instead of the Quorn Roast on a Sunday, just for a change?  If they don't taste too bloody or meaty then we could maybe have those every other month or whatever, just as a bit of a change❓

Steve's definitely getting into the home-cooked meals again now, which is awesome... I definitely prefer home-cooked food to take-aways and they are doing wonders for our weight loss too... we've both dropped a clothes size since Steve's been cooking for us now that we aren't having at least one take-away a day and it's a lot cheaper too... we're getting a week's worth of food, drinks, cakes and biscuits every week, for less than just two take-aways used to cost us.  We still have take-aways, but they are treats now, rather than staple meals for us.

So proud of you and really appreciate you cooking for us each day, Steve❗  😍Love you soooo much❗

More photo's and a shortish video of the puppy dog to resize, code and upload this afternoon... bear with me while I sort them out.

OK, they are all up and I've fed the puppy, so that's it until bedtime now.  Definitely want an early night tonight - I'm absolutely wiped out❗

Just taken me last two pills of the day so I'm gonna head to bed now for a really early night.

Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe in the morning again.


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