Friday 14 February 2020

Friday 14th February 2020

Mornin' all.

Purple text today methinks.

Now that Steve's opened his Valentine's gift from me, I can tell you all what it is❕  It's a cushion of the puppy's head so it's totally unique to both of us and there isn't another one like it anywhere in the world❕

I've taken me pills and walked and fed the puppy dog and we're having a quick and easy lunch today - tinned vegetable ravioli... yummy.

The poo was hiding from me yesterday, when the council asked me to take a photo of it, but it's visible now so I've taken a photo of it and emailed it to the council now.  I can relax now, until lunchtime when I take the Calcium.

Took advantage of a free course with the New Skills Academy this morning - I'm not gonna pass up anything free❕ 

That's the puppy's second stroll sorted now... fed her too, and she's on the back of the sofa, pushing me off❕  That's the thanks I get for looking after her❕  Maybe she's paying me back for taking so many photo's of her laying down in front of Steve's chair❔  Cheeky cow that I can't be without any more❕

Just had 4 Valentine's cards and 3 gifts through the post...

...from my Dogs Trust sponsor dogs 🐾 of course❕ 🤣💕

That's the Calcium taken and 8 photo's uploaded to my homepage now.

As a change from the menu, apparently we'll be having chilli and rice tomorrow 'cos Steve "don't know if we've got any sauce left" and we are at our spending limit for the groceries for the next two weeks and we haven't got any meatless pieces left either, so curry is out too.  😞

My pills are kicking in now so I'm gonna head to bed.  Nite nite orl... sea ewe in the morning❕


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