Tuesday 25 February 2020

Tuesday 25th February 2020

Mornin' all.  How are you doing today?

I've taken the puppy for her morning stroll and taken my morning pills as well as taking a few photo's of her for my site, so I just need to do the email report from FitBit now.

OK, the report's up, so just need to save, code and upload the photo's now.

Taken the puppy for her second stroll and remembered to manually log it in the online Fitbit and I'm now over my target steps, so every step I take from now on is a bonus... I'm hoping to get another 1,000 steps in by the time I head to bed tonight so that I can get it to about 3,500 steps... wish me luck❓❗

We're having jacket tatties for our lunch today... we ordered 4 individual potato's instead of our usual prepacked ones on our shopping this week and they are huuuge❗❗  Good job I'm hungry❗ 🤣

I only managed ¾ of my lunch... and Steve didn't finish all of his either❗  I'm thinking maybe 3 potato's instead of 4 next week❓

Only got 504 steps to go before bedtime, to reach 3,500 steps today.

Feeling a lot better now... not bloated any more and I don't feel sick now, thanks to the ginger beer.

Got 131 steps left to go to reach 3,500 steps, which I'll hopefully achieve by going for a wee, coming back into the living room, shutting down my laptop and heading to bed.

Going to bed now... I'm absolutely wiped out.  I'll be back again tomorrow if you fancy joining me then❓  For now, I'll say nite nite orl.

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