Sunday 9 February 2020

Sunday 9th February 2020

Mornin' all.

It blew a gale out there overnight, but I slept right through it❗ 🤣

Took the puppy out for her stroll and it was still really windy out there, so we didn't do any extra extra's today, just our normal length walk.  When we got home, I fed her then took me six pills and refilled the box ready for next week.  Missed two Calcium pills last week which ain't so bad... certainly better than before I got the box and a lot safer so that I don't accidentally double dose on any of the pills.

Burgers, chips and veggies for lunch today and apparently there isn't much left in the big freezer, so it's just the little freezer and cupboards to empty out now... so proud of us for holding off on getting new freezer stuff for the last couple of weeks so that we could totally empty it... just gotta do that with the little freezer and cupboards now.  Apparently all we've got left in the little freezer is "green and orange zoop" that Steve's mum made for us, so that's the little freezer sorted too, just the cupboards left to sort out now then that's it.

We've improved sooo much over the last 6-ish months and it's done us both the world of good too.  Thank you for cooking for us every day, Steve... I really appreciate it, and so does my bank balance❗ 🤣

That's our lunch eaten... Steve had burgers and I had chips.  We've taken the rubbish and recycling out and the puppy's been for both her walks, so we can relax for the rest of the day now.  Steve's tweaking tomorrow's shopping then that's it for the day.  Patrick is getting his batteries charged up ready for Wednesday and my legs are kinda going "don't move for the rest of the day now" so I'm gonna keep my bum on the sofa other than going for wee's when my bladder tells me to.

Had 10 hours of sleep last night, according to the Fitbit but I'm more exhausted than when I get 7 or 8 hours for some bizarre reason❗

Taken a couple of surveys this afternoon.  Can't remember what either of them were about now though 🤣

Patrick's batteries are charged up already, so I can take him down to the doc on Wednesday if I need to, if Marie doesn't come to pick me up or whatever.  Steve's making us a hot drink and I'm hoping for another early night tonight, in preparation for our Marathon Monday walk tomorrow.

I've had enough of the day, so I'm off to bed now.

Nite nite orl❗

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