Thursday 20 February 2020

Thursday 20th February 2020

Mornin' all.

Just come up with an image showing how much fur Mitzi was missing when we very first re-homed her and the result a month and a day later... impressive stuff❗  I'll put it below this so that you can see what I mean:

Impressive stuff❗  She hasn't done too badly health-wise since we've had her - the skin condition when we very first brought her home and now her thyroid, but other than that she's been fine and dandy, bless her❗

Thanks to the amazing experience we've had with the puppy, Steve's agreed that when she goes to Rainbow Bridge 🌈 we will both, of course, be absolutely devastated, but we'll rehome another Dogs Trust dog, ideally another Westie, but if not then another small terrier - this coming from the same person who didn't like small dogs before we rehomed her 🤣  She's been such an amazing little girl over the last 9¾ years that she's totally changed his mind.  Couldn't be without her in the house any more, other than going for vet checks and medicated baths and stuff.

She's been gone for less than 24 hours this time and apparently Helen said that she wants to try just a single medicated bath a week for a while, just to see how the puppy gets on with that, but it's such amazing news that she's coming home and only needs one bath a week now... the end is in sight at last❗❗  Thank you so much for your support with Mitzi's health for the last few months, Helen... I really appreciate it❗ 


She was gone for 15 hours this time and she's gone straight between Steve's feet an fallen asleep❗ 🤣  Got some photo's of her to put up on my site now, so hold on while I do that now...

My PSPX2 isn't loading up, so I need to reboot - BBS

...and I'm back❗

Everything is loaded up so I can resize the photo's and upload them now.  I took the puppy for her stroll and she was a good little girl, but it didn't show up as any active minutes in the app unfortunately 😞.

That's the photo's resized, so time to code and upload them now.

...and they're up on my site now.  Puppy's been fed and I've got my third hot drink of the day.  Even remembered to take my Calcium while the photo's were uploading too; only 3 hours late 🤣

I'm heading to bed for an early night now... I'm absolutely wiped out❗  Be back again tomorrow, but I'll say my usual nite nite orl for now.

Thank you for reading❗  Feel free to pass the URL on to friends and family and leave me comments and stuff... I read every one and reply if needed, I appreciate you all❗

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