Friday 26 January 2024

Fourth update to today's to-do list

  • Drink glass of water
  • Take morning pills
  • Run daily virus scan
  • Take bread out of the freezer for my breakfast this morning
  • Turn on air purifier 
  • Make hot drink for carer - she was more interested in using her phone
  • Pay electrician
  • Find out how much the chimney repair next door cost - I've emailed the roofers about it and asked my neighbour if I can give them her number to try and work things out between them - the roofer has given me permission to share his mobile number with her, so hopefully they can work something out between them now  :-)
  • Get bathroom refitted - the bath is (maybe temporarily) in now and the tiles are looking good and seem to be mostly done, so hopefully it won't take long to get it all plumbed in later - the plumber is spending the day here, so I'll hopefully have a working bathroom by this evening 🤞 - just a few little odds and ends to finish up today - it's finally finished!!
  • Have breakfast
  • Put photo of breakfast on here and Instagram
  • Get electrics sorted in the bathroom - it's 90% done, the rest is waiting for the plumber to fit the bath and shower, then the electrician will wire it all in and bingo! - just waiting for him to turn up and finish it off so that the plumber can get it all plumbed in and totally finished off - just a few little odds and ends to finish up now - just sorting out the extra plug socket, then he'll plug in the waste disposal unit and bingo! - it's finished at long last!!
  • Ask about getting the extractor fan replaced in the kitchen - just asked and he's gonna give me a quote when everything else has been finished and paid for but he understandably wants to get everything else sorted first
  • Find out how to empty the waste disposal unit - I've texted the plumber to ask his advice so that I don't screw things up
  • Get bathroom tiled - they are a good way around now, so hopefully it won't be long now - the non-tiled side is being painted rather than tiled but that should only take a little while after the last few tiles have been replaced at the side of the bath
  • Do morning laps
  • Give out of date food to Freegler
  • Keep an eye on Freegle to see if anyone wants anything - someone wants the last of Steve's DVDs which will be the last of his things to go
  • Do the news
  • Keep working on memorial site
  • Have lunch
  • Log lunch into FitBit app
  • Put photo of my lunch up on here and Instagram
  • Take lunchtime pill
  • Do afternoon laps
  • Read and review a book on my TBR pile
  • Study my courses
  • Take evening pills
  • Go to bed

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