Tuesday 30 January 2024

That's an experience I don't want again!

When this morning's carer discovered that I'd been wearing the same clothes for 3 weeks she completely and utterly pressured me into getting changed into thinner clothes "otherwise I get in trouble" so the cold that I've had for the last two weeks and was just starting to gradually recover from is now gonna get so much worse purely because I've been forced to wear clothes that don't even start to keep me warm.

According to a medical site, my main disability puts me at increased risk of getting hypothermia so that's an increased risk now which will put me in hospital and if I survive then I'll be allowed home because I get carers coming in and they will do what they've been doing for the last year (ie nothing) and the cycle will start again.

Basically, there's an increased risk that I could die now because this morning's carer decided that she knew better than me how warm I didn't feel in my clothes and her not getting into trouble was more important than my life 🤷

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