Monday 29 January 2024

Mornin' all

Well, I've weighed myself and lost another 1.1kg last week after only eating twice so I'm now officially underweight and I'm not going to be able to eat much again this week 'cos of the bathroom being finished off today and tomorrow and the central heating being fitted today and probably longer too so I won't be able to eat much for the third week on the trot.

I've popped my first pills of the week and run the daily virus scan so I'm good to go for the day now.

I won't be eating much/at all today 'cos of the work being done and won't be drinking much again either 'cos of not having access to the bathroom for however long again.  Basically not a healthy week again, but hopefully that'll be it then.

The rubbish and recycling is due to go this morning - I decided to put the waste food and blue bag out after all 'cos I'm expecting a couple of deliveries this week too and wanna be sure that I've got enough space in the blue bag for the packages.

Time to put my to-do list up before my carer arrives now I reckon.


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