Saturday 27 January 2024

Third update to today's to-do list

  • Drink glass of water
  • Take morning pills
  • Run daily virus scan
  • Take bread out of the freezer for my breakfast this morning
  • Turn on air purifier 
  • Make hot drink for carer - she didn't want one this morning
  • Have breakfast
  • Put photo of breakfast on here and Instagram
  • Find out how to empty the waste disposal unit - I've texted the plumber to ask his advice so that I don't screw things up - from the looks of things on the appropriate site, it doesn't need to be emptied at all, which is even better!
  • Get bathroom tiled - they are a good way around now, so hopefully it won't be long now - the non-tiled side is being painted rather than tiled but that should only take a little while after the last few tiles have been replaced at the side of the bath - he finished the tiling about an hour ago and literally 5 minutes before my lunchtime carer arrived lol
  • Do morning laps
  • Give out of date food to Freegler
  • Keep an eye on Freegle to see if anyone wants anything - someone wants the last of Steve's DVDs which will be the last of his things to go
  • Do the news
  • Keep working on memorial site
  • Have lunch
  • Log lunch into FitBit app
  • Put photo of my lunch up on here and Instagram
  • Take lunchtime pill
  • Clear browser caches ready for tomorrow's monthly virus scan
  • Do afternoon laps
  • Read and review a book on my TBR pile
  • Study my courses
  • Take evening pills
  • Go to bed

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