Tuesday 13 November 2018

Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th November 2018

Just got back from walking the pup and we walked a huge distance again... 350% and she made another friend in a bin man as well, so all in all, a decent start to the day with 250% already in the walkies bank and it's only the first day!

Just waiting for Steve (my carer!!) to fill up the 2 bottles of squash for me to take me morning cocktail of supplements with, then I can start writing again.  I'm really hoping to get at least 4 chapters written today so that I can treat myself to another J2O again!

That's me morning cocktail taken.  Only the Iron behaved this morning though!  The Calcium and Multi both needed 2.5 mouthfuls of squash each!  Not good at all  👎

I'm a quarter of the way to getting today's J2O now 'cos I've just finished writing the first chapter of the day, so gonna have me mince pie lunch then get back to it.

Forgot to update and post this yesterday, so I'm putting in two days worth today... sorry about that!

By the time I went to bed last night I'd written three chapters and was all set for the fourth until I took my pills.

They made me feel incredibly sick so I just went to bed and hoped I'd feel better today.

I don't  👎😒

Just to make matters worse, the pup has been showing me a great deal of Westitude this morning too.

She kept wanting to go under a car and when a cat shot across the road, she very nearly pulled me over!

We did 350% but that meant going past the bloody car 7 times and Mitzi trying to get under it 7 times.

Little cowbag!

However, yesterday's 250% added to todays 250% means there's already 500% in the bank after only 2 days!!

Gonna attempt to take my morning cocktail now then start on the writing... only 8 chapters to go now, which means that, in theory, I'll be finished by tomorrow, hopefully!

That's me morning cocktail taken.  The Calcium was a real PITA and took 3 or 4 mouthfuls of squash to get it all down.  The Iron went down really easily again... just a single mouthful, thankfully.  The Multi took two mouthfuls before it went down, so far from the best day, but also not the worst.

Gonna open my can of ginger beer now and hope that I can write 4 chapters today, so that I can reward myself with a J2O then I've just got the last 4 chapters tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

I'd forgotten just how well and quickly ginger beer works on nausea!

I opened the can and took a drink... within seconds it started to get to work!  Just had another mouthful and I'm wide awake and totally nausea-free now!  Within 4 minutes I've gone from being ready to lose yesterday's lunch, being tired and no motivation at all, to being wide awake, feeling absolutely fine and having my motivation back!

It's Sainsbury's own brand fiery ginger beer and costs waaay less than brand names but works pretty much instantly!  WTG Sainsbury's!

First chapter of the day written, so as long as I write another 3 today and 4 tomorrow, I'll have completed 150% of NaNo in exactly 2 weeks which is sooo good and a huge relief compared to my first ever NaNo when I didn't plan a word of it.  yWriter is a vital piece of software to me now!

Just taken my prescription and less than 5 minutes later I had to crack open the ginger beer.  Only written 1.5 chapters today so I doubt it'll be a J2O reward night and I very much doubt I'll write 6 chapters by bedtime tomorrow, so it'll be 75k words in 15 days, rather than 2 weeks, but even that ain't too bad!

That's the second chapter written.  Not feeling sleepy yet, so hopefully I'll get the third chapter finished before I head to bed, but doubt I'll get the fourth one written again  😞

That's the third chapter written so I'm going to bed now.

Nite nite orl!

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