Wednesday 7 November 2018

Wednesday 7 November 2018

It's gonna be a real battle of wills today.

The pup has ramped her Westitude right up to the top and is refusing to go for a walk and the stubborn, Libran me is refusing to allow it lol

I'm gonna take me pills and try once more.

If she still refuses to go for her walk I'll write the first chapter of the day and try again.

If she still refuses I'll let her have the day off and take 100% out of the bank.  She doesn't refuse very often so maybe she's in pain or something atm?  Hope not though!

That's the morning cocktail swallowed.  The Calcium and Multi were both a nightmare to get down 😟 but the Iron was really easy to swallow.  Means I'm bloated from all the squash now though!  👎

That's the daily walkies done and dusted.


There's only going to be one winner in the battle of stubbornness and that's me lol

We did another 200% today, so add the extra 100% to the bank and there's 350% in there now.  I just hope Mitzi doesn't show Westitude like this morning for a long time to come 'cos I hate doing battle with senior pups, but she needs her daily exercise to keep her healthy and keep losing the weight!

On with the writing for the rest of the day now.

It's a good job I took our senior pup out when I did... it's totally hammering down out there only an hour later!!

First downpour of the season *sigh*

That's the first chapter of the day written and it's not even 11am so hopefully I'll get the second chapter written by the end of lunchtime, the third chapter finished by mid-afternoon and the fourth chapter written by early evening again.

No pressure, but that's what I'm hoping for today.

Wish me luck!

Four chapters written by 4.30pm so I'm gonna stop for a while and scoff a packet of crisps then hopefully write another couple before I head to bed.

If I manage to write 6 chapters then it'll be a record smashing 9,000 words in under 12 hours.

I'm proud of the 4 that I've already written though so any additional chapters are a bonus now!

That's me prescription taken and I've given up after Steve telling me yet more lies.

I'm fed up of it, I really am!

Just finished the fifth chapter so I'm up to 78% of the way through after only a week which ain't bad going at all!  11,000 words left to write.  That's 3 chapters a day for 4 days, but I'm aiming for at least 4 chapters a day for the next 3 days which means I'll have finished by Saturday at the latest.

I'm feeling sooo proud of myself for being so close to the end with only a week under my belt.

Just gonna watch last nights Masterchef then head to bed so I'll say nite nite orl now  😊

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