Friday 9 November 2018

Friday 9th November 2018

Started the virus scan at just gone 8am, so hopefully it'll be finished at like 10pmish tomorrow.

I'm gonna walk the pup then take me supplements and get straight on with the writing.  Only got 5k left to write which is just over 3 chapters.

I'm not gonna say it'll be easy, 'cos that'd be tempting fate, but it does potentially mean that I'll be finished by about 6pm so that I can celebrate with a J2O and a nice hot bubble bath!

11% after 15 minutes and the pup is showing me Westitude again, so I'm gonna take me supplements first before I try again.

They all went down really easily this morning - 7 mouthfuls of squash in total for the 3 pills, including the mouthful I have before I start taking them... feeling sooo proud of myself now!

The pup's really not interested in going for a stroll yet, so I'll write a chapter then try again.

Stroppy cow lol

Just got back from taking the senior pup for her daily walkies and my legs are about ready to fall off now!

We did 50% and the pup wanted to come home, but I forced her to carry on walking one more up and down.

We did 100% then she carried on walking past the door.

Didn't stop then so we did 150%.

She carried on walking so that we did 200% which was great going and I was very happy with that.

But she carried on walking so we did 250% and my poor legs were going "one more up and down at the maximum" and started to ache.

I take notice of what my body says, so we did 300% and came in so that I could sit down and recover.  The pup wanted to keep walking but there was no way that would've been safe so we came home and I fed her.

I'm not planning on going further than the bathroom for the rest of the day now!

Here comes the maths:  yesterday there was 350% in the bank, add in today's 200% extra takes us up to a huge 550% after 5 days which is so totally awesome!

Gonna write and recover now, 'cos my knees and legs are aching like mad so don't want to risk moving too much today, just in case they refuse to hold me up and I fall to the ground, totally unable to move!

That's me prescription taken.  Was a bit of a PITA to swallow today, unfortunately  👎

After only 9 days I've already finished NaNo.  As of now, there's nothing officially challenging my creative mind, so I'm gonna celebrate with 2 J2O's and a burger at the end of this chapter and unofficially challenge myself to finish the full 75,000 words in 2 weeks.

Wish me luck!

Steve decided to go with Chinese instead of a burger like he promised an hour ago.  I'm at 51,000 words and I'm gonna celebrate with a long, hot, relaxing bubble bath after I've walked the pup in the morning.

No more pressure to write 6,000 words a day, I can just relax and slowly come out of the writing headspace to get ready for the ESA assessment.

But I did it!!


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