Saturday 3 November 2018

Saturday 3rd November 2018

Only just woken up and come down after 11 hours of sleep!  I took my prescription at 5.30pm yesterday, went to bed at about 9pm, slept til 7.45am and it's now nearly 8am instead of 6am so I obviously needed those extra hours!

The virus scan is already at 62% as well, so it's more than doubled it's progress in those 11 hours I was asleep which is awesome!

Gonna take the pup for her morning stroll, then take me supplements and keep writing.  I'll have J2O's to inspire me to write at least 4 chapters a day when they arrive today!  Yum!

Just got back from walking the pup.  We did 200% today, so let's add the extra 100% from today onto the current bank balance and there's 650% in there after 6 days!  Totally awesome!

Gonna take me pills now then start writing.  Hoping to do 4 chapters today so that I can celebrate with the first can of J2O of the competition tonight.

Wish me luck!

That's me morning cocktail swallowed, so now it's time to put my headphones on, fire up Take That and start writing!  If I get to chapter 11 I'll definitely deserve a can of J2O 'cos that'll mark my first 4 chapters in a day of this years NaNo!

Wish me luck again!

75% in about 30 hours ain't bad at all!  I'm guessing it'll be finished in the early hours so I'll do the back-up as soon as I come down tomorrow, before I take the pup out for our morning stroll.

Had both my left-over chow mein's for lunch and I'm watching last night's Masterchef atm.  When that's finished I'll be carrying on with my write-athon this afternoon.

Still waiting for the J2O's to turn up though lol

The surprise package has just turned up "to inspire you to keep writing and to continue to be stubborn" - a tin of Cadbury's Hero's!

Gonna reward myself with a couple of them for every chapter I finish then when the J2O's turn up, they will be the reward for writing at least 4 chapters a day... not doing as well as I'd hoped so far today though only managed a single chapter so far!  😔

Ho hum.

The J2O's won't be here until tomorrow at the earliest so I've just taken my prescription, gonna write one more chapter then head to bed.

Bit disappointed but not to worry - nothing I can do about it now 😞

4.50pm and the virus scan is 86% complete now, so it's doubled in 8 hours!

7.37pm and we're 96% of the way through so I'm gonna wait up until it's finished, back up my files and head to bed.  It'll still be an early night but it means I can shut down my machine tonight and turn it on when I come down tomorrow.

Need to put the bin bag and recycling out as well as walking the pup tomorrow... you watch me forget about the bin and recycling until I'm well into my writing though lol

Speaking of which, 15,000 words in 3 days is good going by my standards and I'm approaching the start of the sci-fi/fantasy bit now too, as well as being in the writing headspace so hopefully I'll be able to get straight on with the writing when I come down tomorrow, ideally before I boot up otherwise we'll have to wait until I've written the first chapter.

Just flipped onto 98% with the virus scan so only 2% to go then I can back everything up and head to bed despite not feeling tired yet!

99% now, so into the final 1% now, then I can back up and head to bed before 10pm for the first time in a while!

751 survey invites in 3 days too... gonna see how many I get by the time I finish NaNo then mark them all as read and start again the next day, but that's 250 invites a day!!

...and the virus scan has finished and thankfully there are no viruses or malware on my entire machine.  Not bad going for 39 hours!

It's 9.42pm.

The virus and malware deep scan has finished.

The back-up is finished.

I'm going to shut down and head to bed... nite nite orl!

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