Sunday 11 November 2018

Sunday 11th November 2018

Already taken my morning cocktail... they were slightly troublesome to swallow today but that's it for the morning when the puppy decides to come for her walk with me - she's being a stroppy bitch right now though! *sigh*

That's the puppy walk, eventually.

200% today, so add that to yesterday's 650% in the bank and we've got an incredible 750% in the bank again!

I'm pondering on increasing the 100% (two times up and down between our neighbours) to the current 150% (three times up and down between our neighbours) just to see how the puppy copes with it 'cos that extra 50% a day will help us to loose weight and build muscle slightly faster than we're doing atm.  Dunno for sure yet though.

That's the rubbish and recycling out now.  I cleared up the pup's poo alone yet again while it was still at least semi-solid (it's raining which turns the poo into semi-liquid which is a nightmare to clear up then.  It's been done now though, so I can concentrate on my writing now until I head to bed.

Wish me luck!

Only managed 3 chapters again but I'm going to bed now and hoping I'll be able to write the magic 4 chapters tomorrow!

Nite nite orl!

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