Monday 5 November 2018

Monday 5th November 2018

Just got back from walking the pup.

We did 100% so I was happy with that, but the pup carried on walking so we did 150% but she still didn't stop so we carried on to do 200% but she still walked so we did 250% and I could see her considering 300% again, but there's no way it would have been safe so we came in after the 250% and fed her.

There's no way I can move any more today now... my legs are going to struggle to even get to the bathroom today after doing 2.5 days worth of walks in one go!

That's the supplements taken... nice and easily this morning, thankfully!  Means I can get on with the writing straight away!  Yay!

That's the rubbish bag and recycling box brought back in now and I've almost finished the first chapter of the day, so I've had a productive morning so far and it's looking OK for hopefully finishing the 4 chapters before bedtime too... assuming I'm not blue-screened again of course lol

Half way to getting my reward now and I'm feeling pretty confident that I can do it now and be able to hear the groceries arriving too!

Big time celebration for me tonight... written 4 chapters (6,000 words) in 9 hours and it's only 6pm.  I could, in theory, write another chapter before I hit the hay but I'm not going to... I'm going to savour every second of my achievement tonight and start on the second half of NaNo tomorrow.

There are 11 cans of J2O left and I'm not allowed to have one until I've written 4 chapters in one day so that's 44 chapters which is way more than I've got left to write, so I'm gonna enjoy my reward each time I write 4 chapters in a day and savour every mouthful of every can.

NaNo is pretty much the only time I have J2O's here at home which makes them even more of a treat and inspiration to keep writing.

Expensive but sooo worth it once a year.

Not going to know what to do with myself when I've finished writing this novel lol

That's me prescription taken and about to have a pack of doughnuts for a celebratory tea.  Yumsk!

Off to bed now, for a reasonably early night.

Nite nite orl!

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