Sunday 25 November 2018

Sunday 25th November 2018

Back to normal with our Sunday routine - arguments again.

Steve thought he was being helpful by taking the rubbish out before I got up, but in reality, by doing that, he made everything worse and so much harder.  I take things out in the order I do for a reason and Steve trying to be helpful just added extra stress that I really didn't need.

I then asked for his help with the cardboard recycling and he made that harder than it needed to be too.  I wanted him to put the biggest, heaviest box in the bag so that I could sort the rest of it out.  He started putting the smallest boxes in first so that there was even less room for the bigger boxes.

When that had been taken out, I asked Steve if he'd cleared up the pup's poo before he put the rubbish out.  He hadn't, so yet again it was left up to me.

I then had to walk the pup and she was showing me all kinds of Westitude.  Steve asked her if she wanted "to go for tats" when I call "walkies" which must confuse the poor pup to no end.  When we eventually got out we only did 100% again so there's still 1100% in the bank after 7 days.

Steve's getting Carer's Allowance for caring for me for 30 hours a week but I'm lucky to get an hour's support out of him.

He's also gone back on his promise of cooking at home and walking the pup with me once a week too, even though it was him that brought it up and said he wanted to get back into it last weekend.

I'm seriously not going to be able to move for the rest of the day now though... it just won't be safe!

I really have pretty much given up on it all now.  I really have.

That's me supplements taken... another pretty easy today again, thankfully!

First survey of the day sorted... only took a couple of minutes too which is even better!

That's my repeat prescription ordered again so hopefully it'll be here by the end of the week but I've got 2 weeks left just in case.  That's what I always do, just to make sure I don't run out.

It's only 4.50pm but it's pitch black outside now!  😞

Still virus and malware free, thankfully

Going to bed now, for an early night.

Nite nite orl!

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