Monday 19 November 2018

Monday 19th November 2018

That's the pup walked and fed.

We did 350% and the pup wanted to do more, but it just wasn't safe for me to walk any further so we came home.  There's still 250% already in the bank, but I just can't walk like last week, this week... it's just not safe!

My knees and legs are killing me right now and my hands are shaking, which is the claxon blowing and telling me to sit down and rest.  There won't be much moving around today, that's for sure!

Supplements taken now.  The Calcium decided to be a right royal PITA to swallow all the crumbs today, the Iron was the only one that behaved and the Multi took 2 mouthfuls of squash before it went down.


That's the recycling been and gone so I'll go and bring the box in

That's the recycling box and cardboard bag brought in now... just waiting for the rubbish to be collected then I can bring that in too and that'll be it for the day then until the shopping comes.

No more moving to anywhere other than the bathroom for me for the rest of the day after the rubbish has been collected now!  My legs, and especially my knees just won't support me for long enough to do anything else!

So much for the agreement we came up with on Saturday afternoon!  I've asked Steve twice if he wants to join me an' the pup on our morning stroll and he's said no both times.

I think I remember saying that we'd start off slowly with one day a week then gradually increase it each week so maybe I'm wrong to think that we'd automatically do Monday's, Wednesdays and Fridays with the walking?  I dunno, but it was Steve's idea, not mine and I want to keep up my side of the agreement by not pestering him to come with us, but at the same time, I don't want to be the only one keeping up my end of the agreement either!

First survey of the day completed

Steve's just said that he'd prefer to start walking the pup with me once a week and he'll surprise me on which day that'll be.

I know where I stand now, so I'll keep walking the pup alone each morning and I'll just say to Steve that we're going instead of asking him if he's going to join us each morning.

I just don't think I can do another marathon week like we did last week, although, saying that, it's only 4 days at 350% total each day that makes 1000% so last week wasn't as spectacular as I'd thought after all!

As long as the pup does at least 100% every morning, I won't pressure her to do any more than that as long as she returns the favour when it's not safe for me to walk any further, like this morning, too!  If we get snow I can almost guarantee that there won't be anything in the bank until it melts though!  It'll have to be 100% every day then straight back into the house to de-freeze and warm up  lol

That's me prescription taken... hopefully without the aid of ginger beer tonight!

Doing the daily virus scan now.  Very much doubt it'll find anything 'cos it only finished the deep scan yesterday, but you can never be too careful though and I reckon it's better to be paranoid and safe than relaxed and infecting everyone!

Yep, as I thought, totally free of viruses and malware for another day, so I'm off to bed now...

Nite nite orl!

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