Saturday 17 November 2018

Saturday 17th November 2018

Just got back from walking the pup.  She poo'd (which I, as a responsible dog owner, cleared up) then she carried on walking which was fine, did 250% and carried on walking, 300% and the pup still didn't want to stop.  My legs were starting to get tired by this point so I said that we'd do another 50% then come home.  350% came and went, as did 400% and she carried on walking.  It was becoming unsafe by this point so as soon as we'd walked 450% we came in.  There's no way I could have safely walked any further so we came in, despite the pup wanting to keep walking.  That 450% increased the record by 50%.

That means, after 6 days, there's the current bank total of 750% plus today's 350% extra means that there's 1100% in the bank and we've still got tomorrow's walk to do too!  I very much doubt I'll be able to do any more than 100% safely tomorrow but the bank being so huge after only 6 days is incredible for a senior pup!

She's fast asleep under Steve's leg now and my eyes are drooping already, even though I've only been awake for 2 hours lol

I used to have a B12 spray to give me energy and I'm in desperate need of it now, but I don't think I've got any left!  😟

That's a relief!  Just found the spray in my bag so just sprayed 4 sprays into my mouth so it'll hopefully kick in by the time I've taken my morning cocktail... saying that though, it's starting to kick in already, less than 15 seconds after the first squirt!!

I love how much the B12 helps so quickly and the supplements I take keep me on the level too!

That's me morning cocktail taken and the multi is going to be sooo needed today after the marathon me an' the puppy did this morning!

Gonna have to be a very early night tonight, no matter how much or little the virus scan has done 'cos I'll need all the sleep I can get by the end of the day!

Considering this morning's marathon with the puppy, I'm not feeling as exhausted as I thought I would be, thanks to the B12 spray!

My knees are painful and won't go any further than the bathroom and back, but that's totally OK with me!

Steve's just explained why we've been having take-aways every day for the last few months and it was pretty much exactly the reason I'd been thinking, but now that he's unemployed again we've just made a committment to each other... on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's Steve's gonna walk the pup with me and we'll have take-aways for our food.  On Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's we'll have home-cooked meals which leaves Sunday's when we'll treat ourselves to a Sunday lunch delivery from a local cafe... assuming we have cash on us of course!  lol

My committment is to not pressure Steve "to be ready to go at 7am" on the days he joins us for our daily stroll.  That's fine by me as long as we've gone and come back before lunchtime 'cos my body and motivation start dwindling after lunch, so I don't want Steve to have to pressure me to go out with him and the pup.

We've been out of the habit for so long that it'll take a while to reprogramme ourselves again and Steve'll have to remind me a few times a week, but after that we'll be good to go again and it'll help all three of us to loose weight and become closer as a little family again, as well as being so much healthier!

Me, Steve and Mitzi have all made a committment to each other to support one another and encourage us to become healthier and more active again.

We can so do this again... the first little while will be tough going but it's definitely doable again as long as we encourage each other and stick to the committments we've just made to each other.

Wish us luck?  Please?

Bed time now that me prescription is kicking in and I deserve the extra 2 hours' sleep after this morning!  lol

Nite nite orl!

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