Thursday 15 November 2018

Thursday 15th November 2018

That's the puppy walked and fed.

We did 250% today, so add the extra 150% to what's already in the bank and we're already at 750% after only four days!!

We met a Jack Russell on an extending lead this morning.  Our pup's tail was wagging into a blur and the other dog seemed interested too, so I'm standing there keeping Mitzi under full control and the other dog starts running over to her.  The other dogs owners didn't seem to care until they got to a car width away from us when they suddenly stopped the lead extending and the poor pup came to a sudden stop.

The Dogs Trust say not to use extending leads for that exact reason!  They are risking their dogs vocal cords by not using a harness and it must hurt the poor pup's necks too by coming to a sudden stop in the middle of a run!

It's their choice though and their responsibility for the vet bills when they need to replace the dogs vocal cords!

Rant over lol

Time to take me morning cocktail before Steve's visitor arrives to discuss her website now.

That's me supplements taken, so now I just need to try and find the document about how to write an attention-grabbing synopsis for the manuscript I finished last night... only several hundred thousand emails to search through lol

First survey of the day completed... this is how I used to waste my days pre-NaNo this year lol

Steve's just ordered our tea, so I'm gonna shut down now and dunno if I'll log back on before I head to bed, so I'll say nite nite now just in case!

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