Saturday, 17 December 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I only had to take 2 pills this morning 'cos I've run out of my other supplements and it's not a Tuesday or a Thursday so I don't need to take another pill and the last two are my bedtime pills.

I've just started my daily virus scan and there will be some news for you all on here soon.

I've got my second mug of caffeine to wake me up and I'll go and make my breakfast when I've finished the news... not sure I should be having caffeine on an empty belly, but not to worry.  I'm definitely eating twice today 'cos I'll be having breakfast and the soup has defrosted too, so I'll be eating lunch today.  The washer/drier is definitely fucked 'cos it's not draining the water again, so that's another expense I could really have done without on top of the electricity and mortgage.

I'm not going in to visit Steve today and there's no more room in the blue sack, so I'll just be sorting out the rubbish on Steve's two tables today.  I can do it, but like with everything else, I've gotta find the motivation to start.

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