Friday 26 May 2017

18 months

In theory, I'll have totally paid off my SB credit card in 18 months.

That saves me £50 a month so I'll put £25 extra onto CO to take it up to £50 a month and the other £25 will be for BC to take it up to £100 a month.

I'm wondering if I should just add the extra into B though, to help me to save for a rainy day or whatever.

Either way, I'll have totally paid off my first credit card in 18 months which leaves me with 2 left to pay off then I'm totally out of debt and I'll just be donating to charity and paying for insurance and SCBWI and Namehog after that... things that don't affect my credit score.

I'm never ever getting another credit or store card again, it's not worth the hassle.  👌

If I want something but can't afford it then tough!  😊

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