Sunday 14 May 2017

The red team in Formula 1... Ferrari??

When Kimi Rikikikonen crashed out the camera showed a small child in floods of uncontrollable tears.

Fair do's to the red team, they got the kid and his family into the pit lane and meeting Kimi and the mechanics and stuff and just really made a fuss of the kid.  They are a multi-million pound, huge, famous formula 1 team but they seem to really be grateful to their young fans which is so totally awesome and makes me love the red team almost as much as I love Rikikikonen!

Like Steve said when I told him, it costs them five minutes to do something like that, but will give them so many more fans for genuinely caring and being grateful for their fans who spend hundreds or even thousands to go to just one race.  The red team didn't lose anything but have potentially gained millions more fans around the world just for taking five minutes out of the day to comfort a young fan!

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