Thursday 18 May 2017

Me PPC has just turned up too

Just got a three month one that'll take me until the beginning of September, I'll have enough in my B account by then to cover a 12 month PPC which is £104 so I'll definitely be able to afford it and still have enough to cover my SCBWI renewal in August 'cos I've already got £70 in there, plus the £10 S/O tomorrow gives me enough to easily cover the SCBWI membership and be well on my way to affording the PPC too.

August to November are expensive months because I've got my SCBWI membership in August that costs $80, then the PPC in September which is £104 and two birthdays in October!

Expensive but worth it and they are only once a year so I'll pay then forget it and concentrate on putting £10 into B every week.  Expensive but doable.

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