Wednesday 24 May 2017

Mitzi and me supplements

Woke up.

Came downstairs.

Put the pup's harness on her and took her for her walk.

Came home.

Put her food in her bowl.

Realised I hadn't taken her harness off.

Sat at the bottom of the stairs.

Took it off.

The pup went into the kitchen and ate her breakfast.

I came in here and took me supplements.

Almost threw up.

It was only the squash though, thankfully, so I swallowed it again and booted up my laptop.

I asked Steve to ask his family to get more vet food for the pup at the end of last week.

She's now completely out of it and he still hasn't asked them.

Thankfully she's still got most of the bag of Pooch and Mutt food left so she won't starve but it's always the same... I ask Steve to do something with several days notice and he still doesn't do it. 

This is his final chance.

If he doesn't phone his family by lunchtime I'll phone them myself and stop asking him to do it.

I give up!

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