Tuesday 16 May 2017

Mineral water versus tap water

I used to live in Oxfordshire.
I now live in Gloucestershire.

I've always enjoyed the pure taste of water and couldn't tell the difference in taste between tap water and mineral water when I was in Oxfordshire.

Noticed the difference this morning though!

Opened up a multi-pack of Sainsbury's still Scottish mountain water.

It just tastes so much cleaner!  So much fresher!  More natural!  Like with table salt and sea salt?  I didn't used to be able to tell the difference between those either, but since reducing the dose of my AP everything has more of a taste difference now!

I tried Glaceau vitamin water recently but it didn't taste much different from strong squash and it was pretty expensive for such a small bottle (£1.55 for 500ml) but after tasting the difference in the mineral water, I might give it one last chance.

Got the cherries and berries squash in the water now... yumsk!

If you're in the UK, give the water a try... get someone to give you a glass of tap water and a glass of the mountain water to see if you can tell the difference too?

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