Friday 12 May 2017


I ordered my 3 month PPC last night which'll take me up to August.
£80 a month into B for the next 3 months is £240 plus the £60 that's already in there takes it up to £300.

12 month PPC is £104
SCBWI membership is about £60
Wheelchair insurance in July is £153
That comes to £317 and I can move over just the £17 from NW and I'll be able to afford it as long as I don't spend anything between now and then.

Keep moving over £80 a month between August and October will leave me with £160 in B again.

Namehog stuff is less than £15 in October and less than £10 in November which I'll just take out of NW and leave the money in B ready for next year... 2018 is going to be an expensive year!

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