Monday 1 May 2017

Just as I started clearing up after Mitzi...

Just been to clear up the pup's poo and after one scoopful I felt a couple of drops of rain on my head.

By the time I'd finished doing it, the rain was really heavy and by the time I put the bag of poo in the bin out the front, it was hammering down!

I just hope the electricity doesn't trip 'cos there's no way we can reach the trip switch with Steve's chair there!

Talking of Steve, other than a light doze he's been awake all the time since he got home first thing... he seems to have more energy and his mood seems to be lighter too!

That short walk this morning obviously worked a mini miracle for him!  He'll sleep well tonight too if the small amount of exercise wipes him out as much as Mitzi's morning walks do for me at night!

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