Wednesday 3 May 2017

What a little smiler!

Steve's regular carer left her job on maternity leave.

She bought her little boy over this morning and what a little smiler he is!  Such a little sweetie!

He's 7 months old now and he's got an awesome grin on him!  Both my nephew and the baby have very similar names, so I'll still keep calling my nephew H and the carer's baby "Jess' baby" or "smiler" or whatever.

Both H and Jess' baby are full of smiles but this morning was the longest the smiler had ever seen me for... kept grinning and laughing and bouncing the whole time Jess was here with him.

He's going to be spoilt rotten his whole life if he keeps being such a happy boy!  Going to break so many hearts as he grows up!

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